Ok, so here’s the deal…

Do you go to the mall with your family with all of you wearing black shirts and jeans? Are you always strutting your stuff down Main Street with matchy matchy outfits on? Probably not….so why wear that for your family portrait?

There pretty much is one good rule of thumb….pick three to four colors and stick to them. And make sure there is one “pop” color. Red, teal, purple, lime green, pink…you get the idea. These can all work as a “pop” color. Nine times out of ten, the reason you love a picture is not only because of the lighting captured (and the fact that the picture totally ROCKS…) but because of the COLOR seen through the portrait. Wear it!!

Patterns and florals are fine….as long as not all three women in the family are all wearing different floral patterns. I have a pretty awesome picture from when I was about 12 years old. Imagine three ladies, in a line, all with different floral dresses on. Can we say, flower power? Don’t be the flower power family.

The ultimate idea is that you could throw all the items that your family will wear on your bed and be able to interchange them…everything should blend.

With that said, there are a few DONT’s

1. Don’t wear shirts with words and/or logos. They cause a distraction.
2. Try not to wear watches (MEN)….your eye will go directly to your wrist when looking at your fabulous portrait.
3. If you think that top might be too tight…it probably is. There I said it…..and I can…because…BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

4. Maternity – Wear something that SHOWS.YOUR.FORM! The idea is to capture that belly!! Big bulky shirts will not do that bump justice! I also prefer leggings and a solid color top…or add color through fun accessories. Maxi dresses are nice as well. Just remember that they will need to be pulled in around your bump to show your form.

The DOs….

1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!!
Think hats, headbands, necklaces, jackets…and don’t forget color!! These can be great ways to incorporate it.

2. Wear layers!!!! Jackets, vests, cardigans. Layers are awesome and they add interest.

3. If it’s cold outside…throw on those scaves, gloves, hats…it’s better to be warm and happy, than cold and miserable!!

4. WOMEN – Consider wearing fake eye lashes. (No, I’m not joking….) They make your eyes POP!

5. Please remove all temporary tattoos and chipped nail polish.

6. Consider having your nails done or put on a fresh clean top coat. Nails will show in most portraits.


Remember….these are just guidelines. Please don’t feel the need to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. These are things that I have found to WORK. You can pick and choose as you please:)

And finally…when in doubt…wear what you are most comfortable in:)The joy in your faces is the sole purpose of what we are trying to do…what we truely want to capture.