When: Thursday 4/28/2022 and Tuesday 5/3/2022 Per Time Schedule Below

Where: TUESDAY: Behind the Chesterfield Firehouse THURSDAY: Behind the firehouse across the street


  Tuesday 5/3/2022     Thursday 4/28/2022  
  Boys 3rd 4th Grade 5:40-6:00   Girls 3rd 4th Grade Grey 5:30-5:50
  Girls 3rd 4th Grade Blue 6:10-6:30   Boys K 1st 2nd Grade 5:50-6:10
  Girls 7th 8th Grade 6:40-7:10   Boys 7th 8th Grade 6:20-6:50
        Boys 5th 6th Grade 6:50-7:10


Picture Day is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Attend pictures ONLY at your scheduled time.  We ask that you only attend at the designated time (if you have siblings, you may choose either time).  Coaches check-in ONLY, players should organize as a group with your coach. If you know that you will NOT be able to attend at the scheduled time.  Make-up options are available but very limited, in some cases they are in advance of your Photo Day.  

Step 2: Order in advance or on picture day. Pre-Ordering will be available until the conclusion of April 28th.  All orders will be handed out to players by the league or available for pickup from the league locally.  Each player will choose 1 Pose, if you have a specific request please be sure to discuss it with your player in advance so there is no confusion.  Individual and Team pictures will utilize the selected Pose.

If you prefer to order images after they are available to be viewed online, please note that there is a shipping & handling fee of $6. 

Step 3: Arrive at least 5 minutes early for pictures and show us your smiles! Bring your equipment and full uniform (HOME Jerseys if you have an option). In most cases the time is scheduled during practice so that coaches are able to organize the process and escort the players to their picture appointment.