1. Do your prices include discs with high resolution images?
Yes, currently all my packages include CD’s with your high resolution, artistically enhanced images. I also provide Print Releases for your disc so you may print the images at the print house of your choice. However, I do not guarantee the print quality of outside print houses.

2. What if it rains on our scheduled outdoor session?
I try to provide a reasonable amount of time in notifying you that your session is cancelled in case of inclement weather. If by chance it rains on your scheduled day/time, then we will reschedule when it is convenient for both parties.

3. What if I want a professional quality print?
I do have accounts with professional print labs and I am able to provide you with professional quality prints and products. Currently all sessions include a professional print credit. Please see PRINT PRICING under INVESTMENT to view current print pricing. Please contact me directly for items that may not be listed.

4. Can I submit one of my session photos in a contest or publication?
You are purchasing digital copies of these images, however, I still own the rights on all images I produce. All submissions for contests and/or publications must receive written approval from me prior to submission.

5. When do you typically shoot?
My standard schedule is currently Friday and Saturday evenings and Monday and Wednesday evenings. I also shoot weekdays between 9:00 and 1:30 pm. If neither of these times work, I can adjust my schedule on an ad hoc basis, however I try to maintain this schedule for sake of continuity. Please note, Saturday sessions fill up quickly. Also, sessions are booked either in the early morning or evening (before sunset) to take advantage of better lighting.

6. How far in advance do you book?

I typically book 3 months in advance with the exception of newborns. Newborns are booked up to 6 months in advance.

7. How do we pay you?

Typically, I prefer a personal check. However, I also accept cash or credit card. All payments are due at the time of our session.

8. How do we order prints?

When you receive your gallery, you will be provided with instructions on ordering prints to utilize your print credit. Additional prints can be ordered (outside of the print credit limit). All overage will be paid through a PayPal invoice and will include state required tax. Print credits must be used within 2 weeks of gallery delivery.

9. Do you charge sales tax?

Yes. The current Virginia state sales tax rate (6%) will be added to all services and products.

9. When and where do you shoot? (LOCATIONS AND TIMING OF SESSIONS)

For outdoor locations – my preferred shoot time is within 1-2 hours of sunset. This hour will depend on the time of year. This allows us to take advantage of the gorgeous light. I will do early morning shoots (between 7-8am) to accommodate little one’s schedules. Other hours are determined on a case by case basis.

I primarily shoot in Loudoun County. This helps me keep my prices lower as I do not incur high travel expenses. If you desire a shoot outside of Loudoun County, these will also be determined on a case by case basis. Any mileage over 25 miles from 20175 is added at the current mileage rate and is charged to the client. If the client requires a location that requires a permit fee or entrance fee, this is also paid for by the client.

There are an abundant of free parks and beautiful locations within Loudoun County and Leesburg. I also have membership with Morven Park as a preferred photographer.  (MorvenPark.org)

Studio Sessions – Newborns take place at 9:30am Monday-Friday. I do not shoot newborn sessions on Saturday, Sundays or school holidays. Other studio sessions are available between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:30 pm.

11. When will I receive my gallery?

Galleries are typically delivered within 14 days of your session. During the high season, gallery delivery times could range from 3-4 weeks. High season is April-June, and then again from September-November. If your session is scheduled during these months, please make note of these delivery times. High season is when demand is highest due to most families wanting Spring and Fall family photos done. It also tends to be a higher peak time for babes. Please make note of this when you schedule your session in case you need your images for special events (example, birthday invites). Gallery delivery times will be communicated with you at your session. I also try to maintain contact with you during that timeframe. If you need your gallery faster for an immediate need, please communicate this with me when youschedule your session and I will advise if it is a possibility.